Debarker machine

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Debarker machine

Debarker machine is always design to meet your requirements. It means that our production line is fully adapted to your needs.

On the first step of cooperation we carefully listen to the needs of our customers. Thanks to our experience we suggest the best solutions for them. It is worth emphasizing that we take into consideration many factors which happen to be skipped very often by our clients like: interior logistics processes or long-distance business strategy. Thus, we offer not only a machine, but comprehensive solutions for wood industry: production line with professional service and consulting activities during our cooperation.


Below you can find attached the pictures. We also present technological parameters of one of our realization, but we kindly remind to treat it only as a sample, because we don’t have one standard model of machine

Parts of the debarking line:

  1. Debarking machine with a movable debarking head;
  2. roller table;
  3. hydraulics (log ejection, vertical movement of the debarking head, head lock);
  4. control cabin (lighted and insulated);
  5. horizontal infeed buffer conveyor
  6. diagonal dispenser conveyor
  7. bark transport (horizontal and diagonal conveyors)
  8. english language manual (we can prepare instruction in your native language)

Below attached the example of technological parameters:

Minimum length of the log – 2000 mm

Maximum length of the log – 6000 mm

Minimum diameter of the log – 200 mm

Maximum diameter of the log – 900 mm

Production capacity – up to 60 m3/8h*

*Production capacity depends on parameters of logs.


Initial training for employees is obligatory, because we want to make sure that our production line will be used in accordance with the safety standards. Proper use of machines will ensure efficient work in accordance with the design assumptions and extend their service life too.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.