Debarker machine

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Debarker machine mechanically separates bark from round wood, both from coniferous and deciduous trees. Our debarker machine (often called rosser head debarker) enables to debark fir, spruce or pine, as well as the hardwood, including oak or beech.

Our offer of debarker machine is addressed to entrepreneurs looking at their business in the long term perspective. We want our debarker to work flawlessly for many years, and this cannot be achieved by using low-quality components.

Therefore, our debarker is always assembled from the highest quality components adapted to the client needs. Customers find here not only debarking machine, however, also comprehensive solutions with the entire conveyors system. Thanks to our experience, we advise and take care of optimal in-house logistics solutions so that the machine park is adapted to the current infrastructure of the client.

We specialize mostly in there types of debarker lines:

  1. moveable debarker head moving along to the log –

In this model, the debarker head moves along the roller table. The operator controls the feed speed and the speed of the rotated log.

  1. A debarking line with a moveable roller table,  log moves along the fixed debarking head

In this variant, the head is installed in one fixed place, and the log moves together with the entire roller conveyor. The solution is recommended in specific situations, for example, when we want the ejected bark to be moved in the same direction as its loading.

  1. The third solution is the first or second type described above, however, with an additional head for debarking butt-end. When logs have a large number of curves or huge roots inflows, the additional debarking head is worth considering, since it can improve the whole debarking process.

Bellow you will find an example of a debarking line:

  1. Debarking machine with a movable debarking head (mounted on a hydraulically lowered arm)


  1. roller table,
  2. hydraulics (log ejection, vertical movement of the debarking head, head lock)
  3. controls (log rotation, debarking head movement, stepless movement control)
  4. A stand-alone insulated control cabin (may be ordered with lights, heater or air conditioning)
  5. horizontal infeed buffer conveyor and diagonal dispenser conveyor

Including: log loading table – 4000 mm

  1. bark transport (horizontal and diagonal conveyors)

The total installed power of the debarking machine (along) with auxiliary equipment 45 kW

Technological parameters of logs to be debarked

Minimum length of the log – 2000 mm

Maximum length of the log – 6000 mm

Minimum diameter of the log – 200 mm

Maximum diameter of the log – 900 mm

Production capacity – up to 120 m3/8h*

*Production capacity depends on parameters of logs.

We provide dedicated knives to our debarker machines. Thanks to our experience and feedback from our customers we are convinced about their quality and durability. Looking at the business in long term perspective this is also an important aspect that should be considered before making a purchase.

If you are looking for more information, the most frequently asked questions are listed below

Questions and answers (Q&A)

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Due to a large number of orders it always depends on the number of current production orders, which happen to be dynamic. We assume, however, that we are able to produce the machine over the period of 3 months. It happens, however, that we are able to process order within a month, but sometimes the waiting time is extended to 6 months. The deadline of production time is mentioned in the contract so our customer can be sure that the machine will be made in accordance with the calendar agreed and accepted by both parties.

Yes, it is possible to reduce root inflows. However, in the case when you plan to debark logs with significant butt-end, installing additional butt-end reducer is worth considering.

The performance of the debarking line calculated in m3 depends on many parameters, i.e. log length and curvature, operator efficiency, log loading method and feeder system. However, we assume that 60m3 can be debarked during one shift (8 working hours), although this is not a rule. For example, one of our clients debarkes pine with a length of 4m achieving a capacity of 120m3 / 1 shift.

We are able to construct a debarker that handles diameter logs up to 1300mm, but everything depends on the client needs. Please contact us to receive more details.

There are few possibilities, the bark can also become a source of additional benefits. For instance, many customers resell bark or use it as fuel (biomass).

Our clients are spread all over Poland, but you will also find our machines in other countries, such as Ukraine or Romania. If you wish to see our debarking line at our client’s place – please contact us and we will be glad to provide you with information about the nearest production plant where you can see the working debarker.

Yes, but it is associated with additional costs, so not every client decides to do it. However, we provide complete information and technical details on how to prepare the foundation for the debarking line so very often clients are able to install a debarking line by themselves. However, before signing the contract, we agree on all the details including installation process, so you can choose the solutions that is suitable for you.

We want the debarker machine to be used for their intended purposes, which is why we provide the compulsory training for your employee. This increases the level of safety, but also extends the life of the debarker and helps to avoid breakdowns.

Yes! We are convinced about the quality of our debarking machines that is why we provide a warranty as well as warranty and post-warranty service. If you are interested to extend the warranty – please let us know and we will present our offer.

Yes. We work with several entities, so if you are interested in this form of payment – please let us know and we will provide contact information to experts who will help you to deal with it.

Yes! We renovate and regenerate old debarking machines. Sometimes is enough to replace the debarking head.

We believe that the situation without a solution does not exist. It is not always necessary to replace the entire debarking line. We will gladly review your problem to propose an economical solution.

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